Thursday, May 20, 2010


In this moment I am so grateful for all the photographs I have
They take me back to moments I have forgotten
Memories stored deep down are brought to life again
They make me smile
Fill my eyes with tears
They remind me of all the moments it took to get me here today


beth said...

oh, me too !

patty said...

Oh, yes - don't they do that?? I'm glad that when I was younger we actually printed out the photos and put them in books. I hardly ever do that anymore!

And poetry does the same for me. Brings me right back to that moment when I was conceiving those words in my head. Powerful stuff!!

elizabeth said...

Me too. I've been going through my archives lately and it is such fun.

Kolleen said...

i couldn't agree more....they take us right back to the time and place in that photo...don't they?!?!?

love you sweet one!

Ellie said...

Hi Jennifer, I put you on my Pay It
Forward. I was chosen to list 3 blogs, that my followers would perhaps follow. If you choose you can also, list 3 blogs, that may interest your followers~

Yes, photos do preserve moments in time; They allow us to time travel back and reflect in that memory.