Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Be you

There are moments when we stand alone
Deep in our own thoughts
Swimming in our own desires
Wondering if anyone understands what moves us

We feel like an outsider to the world
Never really fitting in

Fall deeply into those feelings
Dive intensely into who you are
Tumble passionately into that song whispering to you
Because this is the voice that knows you best

With your heart open
Your soul smiling
And your hands embracing all that you know

You will soon realize you are not alone
Angels are holding you
Smiling great big smiles
And cheering you on

Be exactly who are
Because there is no one else like you
The world needs you
And the magic that you generate


patty said...

What a beautiful concept and beautifully said!! I know I often feel that others, even those close to me, don't really "get me", or at least parts of me. But it's OK. We're not meant to always understand each other perfectly, just to accept. (Easier said than done sometimes!) Your words are going to stay with me, as they often do. I love that and love you, sweet Jennifer!! XOXO

Mindy Lacefield said...

there you go again....totally inspired by your words. you instinctively say it "just right". when my words fail me....you read me like a book. jen, you are a gift of light when darkness begins to consume me. there you are. when i need it the most. i always strive to BE that person that everyone "gets" and i want to be liked so much. thank you for reminding me that being me is the most important. i come here and every time i am touched. love, LOVE you girl!!!

lindy mcclellan said...

Wow! Perfect words for me today. Thank You for the gift.

Kolleen said...


the world does need us...
each and every one of us...
doesn't it??

i mean,
we all have a job to do.
and the job that is for us
can only be for us!!!

i love your words
i love your wisdom
i love you!


chrissy said...

do you even realize how many hearts you touch with your own?
dear one!
i just read mindy mindy.s blog and smiled widely at how much your words touch and inspire others and not just me.
i love you jennifer.
i love what you exude.
i love your heart
and your brave mussings.

thank you for reminding me that it.s ok
to be exactly who I AM.

"angels are holding you"

thanks once again sister.

rachel awes said...

& i bend over
to look more closely
& thank the sun
for showing them to me.
this is your blog.
lovely to visit.x

Louise Gale said...

Thank you for your adorable, warm and lovely words. Just what i needed today. xxx

Dawn said...

Wonderful Words!! Thank you !!