Monday, May 17, 2010

I'll allow myself...

~ to love but understand that this will crack me open
~ to cry but not let sadness lead me through each day
~ to be angry but not hold a grudge against another
~ to play but still make space to explore what is in my my heart and soul
~ to do what I want but show respect for all that surrounds me
~ to have what I want but not hold onto the things I do not need
~ to let go but keep in my heart the stories that brought me here
~ to be loved but not rely on another's love for my own happiness
~ to feel good but still work within myself to evolve

What will you allow yourself?


beth said...

i will allow myself to have anything i want without feeling guilty about it....that's the kind of mood i'm in today :)

lisart said...

Take time to be creative when there are "practical" things I should be using my time to do<3

Kolleen said...

i will allow myself to soak up and digest all of your beautifully, wise words written in this post.

i will allow myself freedom to make mistakes without beating myself up.

i will allow myself time to figure things out.

i will allow myself to dream....of what i do want and of what i don't want.

i will allow myself to hurt and the time it takes to heal....knowing i will be better for it in the end.

i love you J


Mindy Lacefield said...

i will allow myself to be patient when my mind and body want to go 100 miles per hour....

thank you for this reminder of what we allow. a very powerful thing isn't it??

love you!

chrissy said...

oh man!
you always make me think.

i will allow myself to
think about this question....

im ready to read the manuscript for your new book anytime you want to send it to me....

just waiting for it.



elizabeth said...

I will allow myself to get up off this computer chair, even though I really want to finish reading blogs.

I love this sky photo very much.