Thursday, May 06, 2010

The next chapter

What if it was you who was choosing what was going to happen in the next chapter?
What if it was your hand that was doing the writing?

Where would you be?
And who would be by your side?

Would your next chapter be an adventure
a love story, a comedy
Or something extraordinary?

When people delve into the words will they be laughing
Crying, or a little of both
Will they be surprised by how it ends?

What will you be going through, struggling with, achieving?
Who will you be hugging, kissing, and holding hands with?

You are holding the pen
Your heart and soul are ready
What will you write?
Where will your story take you?


vivienne said...

one thing i know for sure is that it would, or will be a love story...(with a lot of adventure and a whole lot of laughter and happiness).

Kolleen said...

mmmmmm.....this is good.

i have to sit on this for a bit before i can answer!!!

i do know all my unearth babes would definitely be making an appearance in my story!! no doubt about it!!!

love you so sweet one!

tricia said...

wow, i have started to write something and deleted it about 4 times now. this really makes me think. i do know that i would want the same people around me that i have now. except maybe that one person who's call i ignored last week. :)
you're an amazing poet and i love when you write.

patty said...

Thought-provoking questions, Ms. Jennifer! I'm thinking maybe our stories will be connected in some way. I mean, we're both already in Kolleen's story, so that's a start! I know mine will be an adventure, but I'm afraid it's a mystery since I have no idea where it's going....

elizabeth said...

an extraordinarily ordinary adventure. that is part mystery, at least to me. :)