Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A dream

Last night as I lay sleeping
You visited me in my dreams
The sound of your laughter ran through my ears
So familiar
As if I heard it only yesterday
Your beautiful smile filled my mind
I saw your eyes sparkle with happiness
I felt your touch
As our feet found each other
Your scent surrounded me
As I took you in

Tears soaked my pillow
And woke me in the middle of the night
Sadness rushed over me
As I began to wake from this dreamy haze
Reaching out for you
But knowing you are not here


beth said...

oh sweetie.....

marilyn said...

love and light for your tender heart

patty said...

Oh, Jennifer, expressing your feelings, both the happy and the not-so-happy, especially in the heartfelt way that you do, not only helps you feel better, but lets the rest of us help to hold you up. Be strong, my brave friend!


elizabeth said...

Oh. :(

Sending hugs to you.