Thursday, June 24, 2010

You are enough

Know that wherever you are standing
Right in this very moment
That you are exactly where you are meant to be

Right here
Right now

The dishes may be piled up
The laundry may still be waiting to be done
Your hair may not even be brushed

But that is okay
Because Y.O.U.
Exactly as you are
Are enough

When you are deep in the trenches
Or celebrating a milestone

When tears of sadness are pouring from your eyes
Or you are smiling wide

Through all the emotions of life
You are enough
Just as you are
In that moment

Never forget that

And if you ever need a gentle reminder
Just let me know
I will shout it from the rooftop
Or write it in the sky
Just to ensure you hear and see it

~ Do something today to celebrate you ~


vivienne said...

soaking up these words.

Gloria said...

so perfect...I want to stand on the roof with you....I will help you yell....for you for me for every girl out rock my sweet friend...

Kolleen said...

do you want to know something????

i simply adore you love bean...
i simply do,


oh and i am sooooo on the rooftop with you and G!!

Ellie said...

I hope you celebrated you and your
rare gifts of sharing your soul!
Celebrate me...well, I'll climb the roof with you! I escaped with pen and paper and tried to write. A list of 50 things I love. It was an exercise in a book, but once you start it is hard to stop...

We are enough and thanks for the gentle reminder xXx

Jackie@Lilolu said...

I really enjoyed this. Thanks.

Kate said...

and today i am here. have definitely been celebrating that!

your blog is just fantastic, thank you!

patty said...

sigh... this week I needed your sweet reminder. I'm questioning...but hopefully with you guys all up there shouting at me - well, it won't take long and I'll be up there too, shouting for the next person that needs it. YOU, dear Jennifer, are MORE than enough, sending out your words, straight from the heart, for all who need to hear them . Do you have any idea how special that is??? Your are just beautiful and I love you to pieces!!

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

hello fellow flyer! LOVE the warmth of your blog!-Robin

elizabeth said...

How did you know my hair wasn't combed? ;-)

I'm on the roof shouting with you!

And just so you hear it too - you are enough.