Friday, June 04, 2010


It was a hand me down
A little rust here and there
And it is purple ~ I am not a big fan of purple
But when I sit on the seat
And push the pedals
My heart and soul are filled with joy
Mile after mile
My entire body smiles
My legs pushing me forward
As my mind relaxes
Oh how I love my bicycle


Ellie said...

Oh, the freedom of a little rust and two wheels. I love my bike, it was my ticket to the wind blowing through my hair, pumping my legs and feeling my body sing! Nicely done...I have cycling legs, I have rode so much(big calve muscles) ;-D

beth said...

i'm hoping to get one this you have me really motivated ......

patty said...

Love the pic and I totally miss bikng! So many hills and curves and narrow dangerous streets around here w/o bike lanes. Still, it's got me thinking....

chrissy said...

jennifer dear.
i LOVE this.
i am in love with bicycles.
i used to ride them more,
but now i take a lot of pictures of them instead.
thank you for writing this..
and rust, as you may know...
is one of my favorite artful mediums...
it tells many stories.
love you girl.
love you oh so much.

Kate said...

lovely, lovely writings