Saturday, June 19, 2010

Missing my friend

I opened up iphoto today
And I was brought back to here
To the days when things were simple between us
Laughter rose from deep inside
We spoke openly with one another
And truly listened to each others responses
We were honest
Things were easy
There was no drama, no anger, no stress
We promised each other we would always keep it that way
Especially because of everyone else involved

But look at things now
So complicated
So stressful
And me getting angry
I rarely get angry, how did this happen?
How did it all go wrong?
When will things get back on track?
What is the magical thing that has to happen for it to be ok again?

I miss the days of hanging out
Laughing together
Sharing stories
Listening to one another
No worries
No preconceived notions
No drama
No stress

I miss my friend
Will I ever see him again?


Ellie said...

Sometimes the sand shifts and we feel burdened. I recently went through something like this. I felt suffocated. I was angry, so many changes in plans, altered my schedule, my time, my plans. I felt anger well up in me...too many days of distractions, me rearranging my life for others. I am on a different track, now. I couldn't stay on this one... Magic is usually sitting back and listening to your soul guide you. I had to try a different approach, adjust my mood. I had a day, where it was quiet and saw that I had to forgive, let go and move forward. Journal, do art, do whatever you need to heal; regain yourself!

chrissy said...

wow..isn.t ellie.s comment wonderful?
i would just say...
but you will definitely see ME again.
oh how i will hug you hard.
i am here.

beth said...

if you want to see will.

Kate said...

I felt like this perfectly fit how I felt with myself when you posted it.