Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I need

Right now I need to slow down
Make the bed
Wash the dishes
Do the laundry
Sit with myself quietly
Finish some things up

~What do you need?


vivienne said...

i really really need all of those things too.
it feels nice when life is vibrant and exciting but i feel so called by simplicity and quiet at the same time!

beth said...

i need to figure out what to do for father's day and my parents anniversary.....

i also need to just sit and breathe....

Anonymous said...

I need to set aside a little piece of my day just for me.

Kolleen said...

to go pee!!!!!!! ; )


Ellie said...

Hi Jennifer,
I need some alone time to let my soul journey,using my mind's eye to see, what path to take next on my creative map.