Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slowing Down

they help me heal, and remind me to rest

I am always on the go
There is always some new adventure lurking around the corner
Somewhere to be that I want to experience
Someone I want to laugh with
I never seem to have enough time
To firmly plant my feet into everything
Going from one thing to the next

But you can not always be moving
Every once in awhile you have to stop and rest
You have to sit and soak it all in
And when your feet are constantly going
And your mind is on to the next thing
You may have to be shaken and stirred before you realize
Your need to slow down

And that is what my body did to me
It brought me to a grinding halt
It forced me to slow down
To lay in bed

And after a few days of laying low
Letting my head rest on the pillow
Allowing my by body heal
I am starting to feel strong again

I know now not to let it get this far
Take the time to rest, always
My body needs it
And so does yours

So today
Put up your feet
Let your mind wander off to dream
And let your body heal itself

You will feel so refreshed afterwards


Ellie said...

I am so glad, you listened to your body; took time out! I think when we don't listen dis-ease can appear. It has happened, to me...
It is important to make the time to let your mind rest, our bodies usually follow, then your heart can begin to heal. xXx

Kolleen said...

have been thinking much about you today.
hope you are feeling better love bean!

i am taking your advice...
feet are up, inspirational magazine is in hand!!

love you so

Gloria said...

Yes...thats perfect..I miss you and your words too..Come visit is amazing..My body just sais ok sleep gloria..and I sleep for hours..I get tired...and I think to myself sleep is my body healing so I owe to mysel to rest....Love you..