Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer Solstice

My favorite time of year
The feel of the warm sunshine on my skin
The long days
And starry nights
The smell of the ocean
Family gathering for all sorts of celebration

Summer makes my heart smile
Puts a little dance in my step
And makes me want to jump on my bike
And cruise around

My wish for this summer is to play more
Blow bubbles
Ride my bicycle to nowhere special
Create with sidewalk chalk
Laugh till tears pour out of my eyes
Spend time with family
Jump rope
Have the simple kind of fun
To me that is the best kind

What happy things are you wishing for this summer


Kolleen said...

oh sweet one....

i just had 4 days of much that you are talking about here.

today i sit here
hoarse from all the laughter and chatter
that went on with my aunts and my mama and sissies and cousins. it was a blessed weekend and the most fun i have had yet this summer!!!

wishing you all the things you want to do this summer to happen....make them happen my friend!!!

i love you much!

elizabeth said...

That sounds like great fun to me.

I am hoping for not-so-hot weather, sunshine, laughter, nights around a campfire, and the smell of the ocean. Also hours and hours spent wandering the farmers' markets.

patty said...

Well, I have to say.... summer starting does not hold the same intense sweetness that it did when I was teaching and literally counting the days until I was "free" - all the work done and long sunny weeks of freedom stretched out before me. Those weeks are still there, just a little different feel.

Summer for me has always meant travel and this year is no exception. We are hitting the road next week for places never-before-seen up in Idaho. Hoping for cool mountain lakes, beautiful trails and big chunks of unstructured time. Can't wait!

I hope your summer turns out to be all that you dream of and even more, my friend!! Hopefully I can check in once in a while.