Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ordinary Sparkling Moments

My Ordinary Sparkling Moment

I was given the honor of being a
Book Fairy
To set this
beautiful book out into the world
For an unsuspecting person to find

It brought me so much joy to leave it
And made me think deeply about receiving
If I were walking down the path and spotted it
I may have passed it by, like I saw some people do
It is not always easy to receive

But there are times when we need to let others in
Let them help us
Guide us
Hold our hand while we travel down our path

And so I let the book fly
In Ridgewood NJ
At a park I go to often
Knowing in my heart that whoever found it
Was ready to receive and let in such a beautiful gift

Thank you
Swirly, for giving me my book fairy wings
It was such a pleasure

**for those of you who have visited before, this is version two because I accidentally deleted my first post. lost now in cyber space forever**


Kolleen said...

all is quiet in my house...everyone is tucked in...dreaming peacefully...and this is the last thing i see and read before drifting off myself...

thank you beautiful you....
love you so!

beth said...

you were a book fairy, too.....i knew your wings were like mine :)

OMG....and the word just now for verification is, now that's almost to amazing !

chrissy said...

dearest jennifer...
i could sit and watch this little video over and over and over. thank you so much for taking the time to make it and for putting it out there so folks like me can enjoy it and be uplifted and encouraged and inspired. it appears that you have "many" sets of wings my dear and it is pure joy to see each one of them in action.
"life without regrets"
wasn.t that perfect!
loves to you my little star!

Amy said...

totally love that you made this video as you had your ordinary sparkling moment, and the quote on that bench? near nirvana!!

patty said...

What a fabulous little inspiring story you have put together here for us to enjoy. Only 2 minutes, but it speaks volumes. Love, love, love it - just perfect!!

Carmen said...

Your video brought tears. ♥

Mindy Lacefield said...

this was amazingly touching to watch! you are a special person, jennifer belthoff....! i love the gift you give of yourself every day. love you!!! you....(i saw the little ring....and it warmed my heart) xoxoxo

K8 said...

Cool! I've heard of that project/book...