Thursday, March 11, 2010


To that whisper
You know the one

The one that tugs
At your heart
That you feel
Deep in your soul
The one that
Leaves you swirling
In happiness
When you listen

Listen to this little voice
It is your guide
On your path
To your most authentic self


vivienne said...

thanks my friend.
definitely words to breathe in today.

beth said...

I'm turning my hearing aid up as we speak...
I really want to hear that little whisper and all that she has for me.....

xo the messy painted hand photo !

Anonymous said...

I found you somewhat randomly- I'm glad I did, your words speak to my heart...thank you!

valerie said...

thank you jennifer. you truly touched me today (i even copied your words in my journal to remind me.)

Kolleen said...

love this...i needed this today. sometimes i don't think i pay enough attention to that little voice!!

thank you sweetness!

love you

chrissy said...

oh baby.
how i love you and your sincere way that you touch others by just being you.
by just sharing your "pen" with us.
i really needed this today as well.
authentic has been a word "swirling" around me lately.
sometime it takes a minute (or 2 or 3) to find that authentic self again when it.s been hiding for some time.
you just keep digging deeper into my heart brave girl.

marilyn said...

again, you remind me. my friend,my dear honest and brave friend, thank you so very much. i think you are a "shoulder angel"!