Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Deep within

Puebla, Mexico

I did not even realize it was in me
A simple conversation
Both parties disagreeing
My pen running itself across the paper
to think through the discussion

I began on one thought
But my pen would not let it stay there
Fiercly words poured out from my heart
I wrote about something deeper
Something I did not even know I was so connected to

As my pen moved across the pages
tears welled up in my eyes
I could not hold them in
They poured down my cheeks

I knew I had emotions attached to this
But I never realized how passionate I was
How deeply it touched me
How much I felt

I never knew all of this was hidden
right below the surface
My pen wrote it out of me


Kolleen said...

i love your pen and i love you!


elizabeth said...

That amazes me when that happens. Or when someone asks a question and I answer it with words that I didn't even know were mine.

Gloria said...

ok en...everytime I read your poems I cry...because I get you and there so powerful...I love you sweet scarf sister

patty said...

Jennifer, I totally get this and have been there. Thanks for putting it so beautifully!!

chrissy said...

enough already girlfriend.
i NEED the book version, so i can sit in my bed with my hot cranberry lemon water, in my comfy jammies and just read and read and read the gentle, honest, brave words of my dear sweet friend jennifer.
can your pen do that for me?

marilyn said...

oh wow jennifer. you write what is in all of us. lucky for us. thank you for this, yet another, beautiful post. set your pen to the book girl!