Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I can feel all of you
Deep in my heart
I can hear you cheering me on
I read your encouraging words

But to hug you
Look deep into your eyes
Hold your hands
That is what I long for

How I wish I could scoop you all up
And plant you right beside me
So we could go for long walks
Talk over coffee
Go on adventure walks snapping photos
And paint together side by side

How I long to hear your voice
Listen to your story
Look deep into your eyes
And simply,
just be with Y.O.U

How I miss you
I wish I could buy a ticket
So I could be by your side
See what your day to day life is like
See where you live
What you do
Meet your family
And see Y.O.U
Just as you are

I miss you all
I love you all
Are you sure,
you do not want to move to NJ?
Or at least visit for a short while?


Mindy Lacefield said...

i love this visual. i wish i could see my soul sisters every day. love, love, and more love to you my sweet friend.

Gloria said...

ohhh...I love this too...i wanna visit for sure..maybe we could plan something...love you sweet jen

Kolleen said...

and you know....i love this so much too!!!

we are so fortunate to have one another....love you more than you know my sweet sweet scarf sister!!

love that cutey patooty Mindy and the every so fabulous Gloria who visited here before me....love our connections!


lori said...

This is beautiful, Jen. And I miss you too! I told my husband last night that meeting everyone was one of the best things I've ever done..... And you were such an important part of that. Hugs.

beth said...

my feelings exactly !

marilyn said...

wishes happen. i know we are in one anothers future. the whole lot of us. love love love

tricia said...

I feel like we belong in one of those movies where friends who live all over the country eventually all come together for a reunion or because one of them needs the others.
I know that does not make much sense but it does in my head. Wish I could explain it better. :)
Anyway...I miss you all so much!

patty said...

Jen, this is so, so sweet! No one else could have said it quite this way, but obviously your words have resonated with all who read them. Tricia, I totally get it. We don't have to understand it, but i'm convinced that the bonds that we have are not going away any time soon! Love to you all!!!

elizabeth said...

I so agree.