Friday, March 12, 2010

sharing our stories

Oregon Coast, October 2009

I have always struggled with speaking
I get tounge tied
My words come out rushed
My thoughts mixed up
My voice never loud enough
Always leaving people saying "what"
and me feeling frustrated

But give me a pen and a piece of paper
and it flows out of me
My thoughts more elegant on this medium
I can say how I feel
And it comes out easily

Right now, in this moment
With pen in hand
I am unable to say how I feel
I cannot seem to find the right words
My hand is tounge tied

I am blown away
Comepletly blown away
I am the witness of an unearthing
Showing the world her brave, authentic beautiful self
The one I see
Every time I look at her

I never before called myself a writer
Sure, I wrote all the time
Always jotting thoughts down
in my private journal
As a child more drawn to the card
than the actual gifts
during my birthday

But me, a writer
I never would have used that word
Until recently
Dear Mindy has made me feel
Like I am a writer
That thought blows me away

I, somehow, cracked her open
and she infused me
with a word I have been struggling with
It is amazing what two people
can do for one another
Even from such a distance
It reminds me
To never stop sharing my story

All of us need to share our own stories

I can


Mindy Lacefield said...

a writer yes you are. you transcend the word. i went back to 2005 and looked at what you wrote.....totally in awe! i have struggled with words and how to best describe the way i feel. until you, and something has taken wings i tell ya. i'll never be able say how i feel but hopefully i'll be able to tell you better by paint. love you!!! what a big hug i'll give you in october. so much love!!

marilyn said...

you girls. your talent. awesome.

Kolleen said...

a writer....yes. yes. you. are.

i loved reading this and found it so serendipitous to what i sent you via text message today....i just love stuff like that!!!!!

and i just love you!
and mindy!
and marilyn!
and all the unearth babes!


beth said... didn't think you were a writer ?
well girlfriend....what did you think you were ?
we've known it all along !

vivienne said...

i know...i too am so shocked that you didn't think you were a writer! because seriously, i'm waiting to buy your i'm glad you're bonding with the word writer, cause its as true as the sky is blue.

big big love my writer friend.

journeyseeds said...

Lovely writing....

patty said...

This whole thing just blows me away - as I told Mindy, the reverberations of those few days spent in Oregon keep spreading out into the universe... with no end in sight. I do think my life would be quite different now if I had not experienced that and I don't think I am the only one that feels that way. Hey - I knew you were a writer already when you graced us all with your beautiful book!! Love it and love you!!!

chrissy said...

i am ALWAYS late on the game and it.s all been said, but oh saying it TOO!
you touch soooooo many souls with your words dear jennifer...
love you incredibly.
(and like K...all our unearth sisters)

amy said...

as others have said, you are a writer. i intuitively wrote "righter" just then. because you are saying your truth. thanks for sharing youself. your self. it is making me feel less alone...not that it's about me ;) but really, thanks for your courage in just writing, just being you! keep sharing your story. never stop, as you say!

K8 said...

I can totally relate to you. I, too, am better with words when they are on paper... If we were to do the paint-a-word-on-you exercise again would you choose WRITER? and let it soak in? perhaps BRAVE WRITER. that would be awesome :) And yes, I'm also so excited/inspired by how Mindy keeps flying higher and higher!