Tuesday, July 12, 2011


There are many times I question
What is real in this world
What is our purpose for being here
What is it we are meant to be doing

Today those questions were answered
I saw and experienced what life is all about

Connecting with each other
Creating memories
Telling stories
Laughing about the past, the good times and the bad
Expressing appreciation
Drying tears from each others eyes
Standing next to one another
Holding hands
Giving a hug, and deeply feeling the embrace

It was a sad day
But there was so much love
The support that was shown for one another
Opened my heart
And showed me that life is about being there
In the moment with each other
Soaking it in
Appreciating the beauty
And fully living this life

We need one another
In times of sadness and in times of joy
We need to laugh with each other
Go for walks
Open our hearts
Do silly things
Cry when we need to
And just be there
With each other
And for each other

Life is such a mystery
Nothing is guaranteed
And nothing is certain
But right here, right now
We can just be who we are
And fall deeply into the connections
That encircle us
These friendships that fill our life with love


Lisa G. - Happy Mama said...

xoxo life is a beautiful mystery.

kelly barton said...

i know what you bring to my world and to so so many others. a true gift you hold and happiness that i get to receive little pieces of it.

you . are . a . gift.

marilyn said...

our friendship fills my life with love. oh yes!

patty said...

Oh, I do love your words.... again. A beautiful reminder!