Saturday, July 23, 2011

through the journey

My heart has been hanging in mid air
Self doubt creeping in
After sensing that I wasn't being heard
I was lost
Unsure how to begin

I reached out for help
But got knocked down
I felt defeated
Unsure of myself
And not cut out for what I was doing

But for some reason I am lucky
And angels surround me
Lifting me up gently
Holding my hand
And encouraging me along the way

While trying to navigate my way on this path
I was opened up to a new way of thinking
Pushed forward
and listened to by my angels

My spirits were lifted
My footing was regained
And the walls of self doubt came crumbling down
As I created and produced something pretty cool

I learned so much through this journey
And am so proud of what I have accomplished
Without my angels I would still be lost
Struggling to navigate through this on my own
But my heart is held gently by those who surround me
And for this I am incredibly grateful


patty said...

I hear you.
I get you.
I love you.

Kolleen said...

i am right there with patty.

i see you.
you bring shining star.

loving you so

Ella said...

A diamond in the rough, exposing fragments of glorious light. You words lift us and will cause you to shine more as you put yourself out there~xXx