Thursday, July 07, 2011

being present

All to often we want to rush things along
Push them through as quickly as we can
Never really giving it the thought or the moment that it needs
To grow
To evolve
To just be
We have learned to want things now
And not let them naturally progress
Stew into what they can become
We have become so impatient with the process
Only craving results

By doing this we miss the lessons along the way
We miss learning how things come together
How they bend and form into a new shapes
We also miss our chance to just be
In that uncomfortable place
Allowing the uncertainty of life to propel us

You cannot force things to happen
Or create the perfect situation for something to grow and bloom
All you can do
Is just be, in the moment
Open to the idea that anything is possible
If you give it space and room to grow and breathe

When you try to hold on tightly
When you try to force the situation
Then you have lost
You have to just be
Exactly where you are
Learning from the uncomfortable feelings
Leaning into the uncertainty
And trusting that it will unfold just as it is meant to
You have to just be present in the world


yogiknitgirl said...

Thank you for the reminder this morning . . . this post was lovely and your words rang ever true for me today. I want to slow down, savor the moment and wait for things to happen as they should. It never works out when we try to force. Hope you are enjoying the easy moments of life, you are amazing and beautiful my precious girlfriend!

Kolleen said...

so true my sweet true.

"you have to just be present in the world."

i am working on it...i truly am!!!

love you