Tuesday, July 26, 2011

step into the light

Do not be fearful of stepping into the light
Making mistakes
Moving forward
Pushing yourself a little harder than you thought you could go

You are so much stronger than you realize
You deserve to shine
The world is your blank canvas to paint on
And it wants to hear the songs you sing

This holding back does not serve you
You need to let go
Break free
Bust a move and boogie

You are not always going to get it right
And that is ok
But you have to take the chance
Be brave, put yourself out there


Lisa G. - Happy Mama said...

Yes yes yes!


rachel awes said...

taking your hand
& skipping forward.

marilyn said...

just busted a move for you and i didn't bust a body part doing it. it's gonna be a good good day. you SHINE! love you

Ella said...

Wonderful advice; I love this wonderful message! You, too Jennifer!

Kolleen said...

i adore you.

thank you for these wise words

loving you so