Thursday, July 14, 2011

let the sun shine in

I have been shutting down
I know it
I feel it
I see myself do it

I do not like being here
In this place where I am unhappy
Closing myself off
Allowing the darkness to creep in

There is sunlight surrounding me
Holding my hand
Listening to my concerns
But yet I linger on this dark path

I need to break myself free
Open up
Embrace the uncomfortable
Submerge myself in the unknowing
Reach out

I need to let go
Allow myself to fall
Give this energy a voice
And set it free


elizabeth said...

sending you love & sunlight & courage.


Gloria said...

Dear Jen...Sweets I just want you to know you are loved.My recomandation is honestly whaen you feel like this put your running shoes on go outside grad your ipod and go for a long jog..Ok so say to your self my intention for this run to let go of this yuckiness holding me. Just go jenn and get really tired, really use your body and I promise you will leave a-lot of what your feeling out there..You will feel lighter you will sleep better ..If you feel up to it do it for a couple days, its great you..G

beth said...

i was getting that way and took a much needed break to organize myself. amazing how little things like that can make the world bright again. xo

tricia said...

I totally get this. Sending you big hugs! Miss you!

kelly barton said...

i love you.
let it out.
dance a little
take a deep breath
and again. i love you.

Anonymous said...

wow - perfect photo for perfect words

i love that you reached out here :)

the darkness creeped in for most of the spring for me, i'm grateful to be on the other side lately

'embrace the uncomfortable'

Stef said...

your words get me everytime...oh how i know where you are at. love you dear friend.