Sunday, July 01, 2012

i begin...

I begin...
To see that I need to slow down
Stop, find my soul
Sit with my thoughts
Just be

I begin...
To see that I have to be kind with love
I can not push and pull
Laughter, hugs, deep embraces
Make love flourish

I begin...
Digging deep into who I am
Embracing my true calling
Following my heart
Shining bravely in the light

I begin...
To love who I am
Share my love with others
Give space for others to be,
As they and I are

I begin...
Living, breathing deeply
Digging into who I am
Letting go of expectation
Shedding layers of hurt

I begin...
Each day with my heart open
Ready to embrace the world
Seeking joy
And giggling in the rain

I begin...
And again
And again

Writing prompt inspired by the Inner Excavate Along with Liz Lamoreux


Jennifer said...

This is so beautiful, the poem and the photo.I can feel it calm and center me just by reading it. So inspiring.

chrissy said...

oh how i adore you. you calm my soul beautiful friend.

Kathryn said...

Such beautiful beginnings.

Mindy Lacefield said...

wow, so many truths. such love dwells in your soul. i love you girl.

rachel awes said...

i'd like to take a lil' floaty raft + nap upon this poem's water