Sunday, July 15, 2012

see you soon

What you should know
Is that I am terrible at saying goodbye
Especially when a good friend is leaving
I usually avoid it, quietly slipping away
Unsure of what to say in those last few moments

It feels to permanent to me
It is tough to see it all change
Here one day, gone the next
Daily routines altered
Life moving on at a quick pace

My life has recently changed
A good friend from work is going on a new adventure
I am proud of him for making the leap
Excited to see what doors will be opening up for him
But I am sad to see him go

We had great conversations
We kept each other in check and grounded
And he talked me down form the ledge a couple of times
We got coffee together every morning
And shared more than a few lunches

He was a part of my daily routine
A constant in the ever changing dynamic at work
We would talk, and listen
Dig deep, and laugh
We became good friends

It is going to be different tomorrow morning
When I walk down the hallway seeing his empty desk
Knowing he is off learning, growing, becoming
I am proud of him, and excited for him
And wish him the best of luck on his new adventure

Life moves by quickly
Constantly changing
It is important to appreciate the moments
Right when you are in them, stop and soak them in
Because one day it will be different

And as you know
I am terrible at saying goodbye
So we didn't say it
Instead we said
See you soon


jill nalette said...

i too don't like to say good bye. it makes me feel as though i'll never see that person again. i like saying see you soon or see you later. it's less final.
be well!!
hugs and smiles~ jill

curious girl (lisa) said...

somehow our work friends become engrained in our everyday. when they go (or we go), we realize how much a part of our daily lives they are and were. it's shocking really. and a big change. i wish you a smooth transition friend.

aimee said...

having just departed another life (geographically) last year, this feeling is still very fresh in my mind. i think the goodbyes are hardest when you know you'll probably never see them again.