Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The moment

On the surface you can only see so much
You can look into someones eyes
Feel their arms as they wrap them around you
Listen to their laughter
And smile with them

But deeper than that lives so much more
The things that make them smile inside
Fill their lives with joy
The things they do not share with just anyone

But if you wait long enough
If you are patient
Kind and caring
They may just surprise you
And open up

You may find out about their love for reading
Their joy of being on stage
Or their desire to move back "home"

You may see a side of them you never knew was their
The one they keep safely concealed
Until they know you
Until they trust you

When someone shares these pieces of themselves with you
Your heart opens up a little bit more for them
You see a side of them you never knew was their
And feel privileged to witness it

Because of who you are
They felt comfortable enough to just be themselves
And that is a piece of what makes this life so beautiful
The connection that two people make
The moment when two souls share pieces of themselves with each other


Kolleen said...

so true my wise beautiful friend!!!!

"because of who you are they felt comfortable enough to just be themselves".....this is how i feel about you!!!

you are just like have a way of making others feel that way when they are around you...of feeling comfortable in themselves.

what a gift you have my sweet!!

sending love and hugs

beth said...

i want to send you email in regards to this post....

patty said...

Lovely, lovely words and so right on, dear Jennifer. Why is it that we spend so much of our lives, not ever getting to this level with those that are around us? As I get older, I have less patience with staying always at the surface small-talk level. I find it boring and don't want to hang around those that can't seem to dig any deeper. It is such a treat to visit your blog and read your beautiful words!!

Kolleen said...

i am coming back to read again....i can completely relate to patty and what she wrote. i find myself wanting more and more to connect on a deeper level and dig beyond that surface....i see it becoming difficult with some of my friends i have had for a very long time...?? makes me sad a little.

love you sweets

elizabeth said...

@kolleen: i have that problem too .. i don't know what it is or how to change it .. but i wish i could.

I love this photo. It feels like spring. And I love this post. It is so wonderful when someone shares like this - I feel so honored.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

So loving this one... and the one entitled "You". Wise words, friend, and right back at *you*.