Thursday, April 08, 2010


She wonders what it was that brought her here
To this moment
To this feeling
To this deep need to feel more

She wonders if she will ever know
If she will ever get it right
If she will ever be able to trust that little voice
If her heart will ever know her true calling

She wonders why it can be so tough at times
Why the struggles seem never ending
Why the tears pour down her cheek
Why she feels so alone

She knows that she is deeply loved
She is seen and accepted
She is filled with magic and joy
She is surrounded by support

She stands
Feet planted firmly on the ground
Standing tall
Head held high
This is her moment
And she knows she must continue on


marilyn said...

i see you there, dear, rooted firmly yet so filled with magic and joy that your spirit is buoyed and your bravery and truth and conviction lovingly nudge you to continue on. yes, yes. can you feel the applause and the hands uniting to keep you aloft on your journey? love lifts

patty said...

Dear Jennifer, if you read my blog today you will see that we have been on the same page... on the same journey. There's a quote that I love: "We are all climbing the same mountain". Sometime it can seem pretty insurmountable. The wonderful thing is that we are not alone - it may feel that way for a while, but the connections are strong and unbreakable. I'm convinced of that - and I know that you are too. Hugs and happiness to you today!!!

amy said...

hi there
I just saw your encouraging,loving comment on my blog...and i've only read your first two posts, but i already feel you are a kindred spirit. keep writing your truth. i can't wait to "peruse" (such a good word;)) your blog. thanks for the visit to my blog. i'm going to spend some time on yours.... :)

K8 said...

Thank you for encouraging me to continue push through & figure out what these whispers are all about...cause at times I wonder if I'm just insane. :)