Sunday, April 18, 2010


If only you could see yourself
The way others see you

Even if it was 
For just a brief moment

If only you could see
The joy you bring
and the love you spread
by simply being you

All the pieces of you
Including the messy ones
and the ones not all together
All of them are you

It is all of these pieces 
That others love
And adore in you

And if only 
Could see and feel that 
Through their eyes

Then you would see
How incredible you really are
Just because you are YOU


patty said...

Beautiful words, dear Jennifer, and so true - every one of us has those messy pieces, yet we sometimes act surprised when we discover them in others. It's a great reminder - thank you!!


elizabeth said...

That reminds me of the quote from Fame that grabs my heart every time I hear it: "All the parts of yourself that you keep secret .. it's your power .."

I love the reminder that we are all of us, even the parts of ourselves that are less than perfect. Perfectly imperfect, I like to think.


ABCcreativity said...

this really touched my heart, thank you.
ps - saw you over at dancingmermaid's class and thought i'd drop by and say hello. nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! Going to mark this to come back and read often. Such a beautiful and needed reminder.