Sunday, April 11, 2010


It does not have to be large
Huge or substantial
It does not have to take up a lot of time
Or extreme dedication

It can be as simple as extending a hand
Taking a moment to listen
Letting the person behind you go first
Or simply just smiling at a stranger

It is these small moments 
That make such a huge difference
The unexpected thoughtfulness 
The unanticipated kind remark

Something so tiny for you
Could mean the world to someone else
Brighten someones day
Remind them that there is still good in the world

So, I dare you
To take take that moment
And do something for someone else
Remember it is the smallest actions that lead to great things

*I would love to hear all about the kindness you are spreading to others
Lets sprinkle it all around so it sparkles like glitter* 


beth said...

i've been leaving notes around the way swirly girl does and l love it !

also....i smile at everyone :)

elizabeth said...

a smile.
a hello.
letting the neighbor girls play with Atlas and take him for walks (with me along).


chrissy said...

i love this dear jennifer.
i have to say that i REALLY needed it today.
i NEED to be more kind.
i NEED to reach out more.
even if it is SIMPLE!
thanks for the dare.
a dare i will take.
your simple words in text to me each week mean the WORLD to me sweet have NO IDEA how the timing of those sentiments seem to come so perfectly into my life and my heart.
i am blessed to be loved by you!
i.m off to spread kindness...
(i.ll report in a bit!

patty said...

Thank you, dear Jennifer, how true it is. The world needs a whole bunch more kindness and every little bit helps! And the great thing is - it's contagious!!
Just found out that a friend's mom is in the hospital - I'm going to stop by with a little something. Thanks for the reminder - and here's hoping that all that good karma you're speading will come back to you tenfold!!!