Friday, April 23, 2010

One Another

We were all there together
Gathered in one place
Each on own journey
Going through our own struggles
Celebrating our own successes
Each of us living our own lives

The Oregon Coast brought us to one another
Gave us the opportunity to slow down
Unearth ourselves
Let go of some of the things we were holding onto
Bring us back to who we are

It gave us the chance to see each other
Look deep into each others eyes
Embrace, hold hands, laugh, smile, and shed tears
It gave us so much more than we ever expected

Friendships were made
Life long bonds were formed
And each of us know we have little cheerleaders out there
Shaking their pom poms for our successes
Wiping our tears and standing beside us in our struggles
Always there for each other

Four days changed our lives forever
We are able to stand a little taller
Lean on each other for support
And know in our hearts we are there
Present for one another


marilyn said...

i'm afraid what would happen if i got my pom poms really shakin', but i will surely call out your praises and stand beside you whenever wherever you be. i love you, talented WRITER, tender and brave soul.

Mindy Lacefield said...

you are so right when you say it gave us more than we expected. and what i like too is that we are still getting to know each other even more. you words continue to draw me in and i'm so loving you right now. thank you for these words and thank you for being there for me. xoxo

Kolleen said...

oh my goodness....goosebumps and tears all tied together.

your words are perfect for what happened on those 4 days.....and i always go back to what i was told by a very wise soul before i left "expect the unexpected" and boy, oh boy, was she ever right.

i KNOW for certain i am better for having you all in my life and grateful beyond words. the bonds we formed and continue to form surprise me everyday....i just love all of you so much!!!

and you, beautiful Jennifer Belthoff, are such a dear friend to me...i treasure you!!!

love love love you

patty said...

As soon as I read the words Oregon Coast a big smile came across my face. When I read about the pom poms I laughed outloud. And when I read about the tears, I had one all ready to go! Jennifer, you continue to amaze me with how you write straight from and to the heart -no side-tracking or detours - just right in there. How wonderfully you have brought back the essence of an experience that happened over 6 months ago just like it was yesterday. I love your words and I love you for putting them out there and for all that you are!!

K8 said...

Can't wait to do it again!!! :)