Friday, April 30, 2010

I sat

I sat here
and tried to write it out of me

I sat here
and tried to push myself to get it all out

All of it
Until there was nothing left

But there are words still inside me
That never found their way to the paper

There are words still inside of me
That feel stuck, unable to move

I still sit here
Wondering how to get them out
Wondering how to free myself of them

I sit here
The words swirling around deep inside of me
Swirling, swirling, swirling


marilyn said...

do you know that i am sitting there with you and letting you know that you are safe and brave and loved. breathe, sweet friend, deeply, feel the ground beneath your feet. it will come when you are ready, really ready.

Kolleen said...

i agree with Marilyn.

for some reason they are not quite ready to come to the surface and to flow out onto the paper.
they will in their time....
and in the meantime we are all around you,
holding you up,
being with you,
loving you!!!

because YOU are SOOOO loved!!!!


elizabeth said...

Maybe their time is not now.

Sending love to you!

tricia said...

beautiful words just like you.