Monday, March 07, 2011

i believe

I believe
in the power of dreaming
you have to give those dreams a voice in order for them to begin their journey

I believe
if you really put your mind to something you can do it
but it does take work

I believe
you can make the world a better place by being kind to people
deep connections are important

I believe
in the healing power of laughter and play
letting go and being silly heals the soul

I believe
in ceramonies and rituals to claim things or let them go
recognizing what moves you is important for the journey

I believe
in the power of telling your truth and sharing your story
opening up yourself to the world is healing

I believe
in not being connected to things
but going out and embracing the experiences that fill our soul

I believe

** and for Brian and Timmy
I believe....I believe that we........I believe that we will win.....I believe that we will win......I believe that we will win!!!


Good Sport Patti said...

What a wonderful poem, Jennifer! You are truly inspiring, in word and works.

beth said...

i believe in you.....

Ella said...

Nice, I love this! The power of hope is amazing~xXx

rachel awes said...

i believe
you are on to something!
i'm with you
in every word!
big love from my dreams
to yours, dear one!

kelly said...

i believe in soaking up
all the goodness you
share so kindly said...

I believe, I believe... I believe!
Hold fast to your dreams :]