Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I see the small pieces
You look at the bigger picture
I feel things
You seek them out
Moments hit me right in the heart
Your mind races trying to figure out how to fix things
It does not make either of us right or wrong
It just makes us different from one another
You are a seeker and I am a feeler
I am optimistic
You are a bit more pessimistic
Happiness enters my heart easily
For you it is not that simple
But that is what makes the conversation interesting
You open me up to a different way of viewing the world
And seeing things from a different angle


Karen D said...

love how all of us can be different and still learn from and love each other.


kellybarton said...

sometimes is it hard to embrace that when you are
in the middle of the conversation. but this makes me want to be better at being okay with someone else's belief.

artistaprilcole@gmail.com said...

Beautifully written...
we are different yet, can value one another...
Learn from one another...
It is okay to agree to disagree :]

Dyche Designs said...

Loved this post. It's often the differences between me and my husband that I love the most.

Ella said...

I love this, it is so true and it is amazing how our view tilts and changes! We all touch each other in profound and simple ways~
Beautiful Jennifer!
Come by; I have an amazing Giveway xXx

Kolleen said...

wise my friend.
so wise.

love you more

Kolleen said...

ps....do you know that every. single. time i visit your precious space here...i learn something.

thank YOU