Sunday, March 06, 2011

peddling on

I was struggling to find my footing this week
Keep my concentration
And continue stepping forward
I could not figure out what was pulling me down
But I could feel the darkness settling in
I took each day slowly
Sometimes pushing myself to just make it through the next hour
The darkness took me by surprise
And really threw me off balance
I could not formulate into words what it was
And that made the pain go even deeper

But stepping onto my bicycle brought me back to me
It was not an easy ride
My muscles burned
My mind wanted to turn around
But I peddled forward
Slowly coming back to myself
As I pushed on
I saw how strong I had become
And I realized that I cannot listen
To the fears that were whispering there words into my heart

I have come so far
My mind is strong
I have an incredible support system
I am truly blessed to be where I am
Peddling along
Soaking in the warm air
Digging deep into my souls thoughts
For me this is beauty
This is pure
This is life


kelly said...

happy monday morning.
i can feel the wind at my back.
smooch. said...

Thank you for sharing, this was beautiful!
Reminds me of when... I needed to gather courage to run a marathon.
Love it!!!