Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I often speak of how lucky I am.
How throughout my journey in life there have been difficult challenging times,
but along the way I meet some of the nicest people
Who hold my hand, guide me, stand beside me.
I have had some of the most amazing experiences,
usually happening when I least expect them.
Chance encounters
Life altering moments
They find there way to me
Some way, some how
It is all really mind blowing, heart opening, soul filling

These moments would not hold so much for me
if I did not appreciate them for what they were
And for what they opened up inside of me
I hold a book inside my heart filled with a list of things I am grateful for
Each day something new is added to that book
It warms my soul and brings a smile to my face

If these moments just came and went without me savoring them
They would be like any other moment in time
Insignificant and passing without a second thought
But for me they are not just moments
They are beauty, courage, truth, connection, love
They are amazing
and I am so grateful for each one of these moments finding there way to me

Here is a small list of some of the things I am grateful for in this moment
~ Postcards arriving in the mail
~ Connecting daily with people all across the states
~ 3:00 coffee breaks
~ Spending time in different parks and taking the time to soak it all in
~ Feeling honored to hear the truth of someone's story
~ Public transportation
~ Family and friends who listen to me and let me bounce things off of them
~ The sun shining down on me all weekend
~ My ring and all the meaning, truth, and reminders that it holds for me
~ Being able to recognize and feel proud for how far I have come on my journey
~ Having the opportunity to spend time with an out of state friend coming into town
~ The sanity that comes from having lunch with a friend
~ Being able to laugh at myself when I say the most ridiculous thing
~ Having wonderful people in my world each day who make me laugh and I can joke around with
~ The support and love that comes from my scarf sisters


Lisa Gonzalez - Happy Mama said...

Gratitude is a blessing in itself if you ask me, and your heart is full of it :)

Love this post and your list and you!

Have a great day, sweet friend :)

kellybarton said...

love to you jennifer.
it always bring a smile
to my face, knowing what
i know and seeing you shine.
taking sometimes, the not
so great and finding those
little nuggets that fill
in the bad.

happy tuesday.