Sunday, March 27, 2011

window to my soul

It is different world now  
There is this capability for you to see directly into my soul before you even know me  
You do not have to spend time with me or ask me questions  
You can can just show up here, 
whenever you would like 
and sift through my inner thoughts, see my struggles, and peruse a catalogue of my past
You may judge me before you even know me
based on what you have read here  
It is a different time  
I am not sure how to navigate through these new waters
You can see directly into my heart
My vulnerable pieces are scattered throughout these pages
You know how I am feeling without me even telling you
But I am unclear about you
What you think
How you feel
You have this window into my soul
And I can only wonder


Lisa Gonzalez - Happy Mama said...

It's a vulnerable place to be. I understand this feeling very well.

My husband's boss and his wife recently started reading my blog. His boss actually gave out the link at work and had lovely things to say.....but it made me feel so naked, so vulnerable. I often wonder who is looking....who in my life (or people I don't even know) can go back and flip through my archives like an old magazine, sifting through the pages of my past. And yet, I keep showing up, keep writing from my heart. You encourage me to do that because that's what you do here.

<3 Keep showing up. Your heart is beautiful and open and that is a gift to us all.

kelly barton said...

i went back through my archives last week. i was cracking up. my posts were much shorter. and had me giggling.

but it does make you wonder who is ready. what they think.

i find facebook is where people seem to be really
in your face. meaning. i have people calling me out about my fb time. my sisters friend called me out about it at a funeral! i went home and deleted her.
but with a blog it is different. blogs are more personal.

you and lisa do such great jobs of being kind, true and make the reader smile.

all good. word verification...get this - blesses.
seems pretty appropriate to me.

nancarts said...

Hi Jennifer...found your web after reading the Artful Blogger. Your poetry is beautiful! and your photos awesome!

Smiles and Blessings,

patty said...

It's so true, sometimes before I post something I read it over wondering what "_____" will think of it. I still keep a journal for stuff that I don't want to share on my blog. But on the other hand, a lot of my friends and family don't ready my blog and when they ask me a bunch of questions I feel like saying, "well, if you read my blog, you would know all about it!" Anyway, I totally get what you are saying. I think in the end, the good outweighs the bad. So keep on putting it out there!!! said...

Beautifully written! Your poems are so true and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing your gift :]

Ella said...

It does make one feel vulnerable, exposed, but it also is insightful to the process. The process of being creative; so many highs and lows.
Your soul is beautiful and continue on as you were. People connect when we share the revealing facets of ourselves. Be brave, be you and carry on~xXx

Gloria said...

I think you are one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. I believe you have found your strength in writing . I see you giving strength to all of us by sharing your faults . I see a female that is rising above sadness and is here to share her stories.. I see you Jenn and I love you more with every post//

Anonymous said...

So nice to meet you ♥ What a treat to find an inspiring photo followed by such beautiful words. Your wide open heart is makes it easy for me to connect & contemplate :) I tend to share my 'vulnerable pieces' in my blog & in person... scares a lot of people away but with those who share back it's so worth it!