Sunday, March 20, 2011

opening up

Some may not think that it is the safest thing to do
But that does not stop me
I risk my heart anyway
Opening it up to the world
Allowing people to come in
And sit with me 
I share my story
Even the parts that are not pretty
I show the vulnerable pieces of myself
Without any agenda or expectation
I show up 
As myself
Allowing others to enter the space around my heart and soul
I breathe in the moment
Letting it soak deeply into me
Knowing that these are the moments that I will remember

I listen deeply
To the stories others tell
Feeling each emotion that comes from them
I care about the way each person is weaved together 
As they make their journey through life
I treasure the moments when others shed some of their skin
Allowing me in to see them
Granting me the permission to enter their space
It is blessing to stand with them in that moment

I show up
As myself
With my heart in the palm of my hands
Showing the shining pieces as well as the bumps and bruises
In hopes that you will feel safe enough 
To share yourself with me


Lisa Gonzalez - Happy Mama said...

More words of beauty from you tonight, dear one.

Personally, you make me feel safe. I know my stories will be held gently and carefully in your heart.

Proud of you for showing up. Keep doing that :)

kellybarton said...

showing up as ourselves is so tough sometimes. but when you let go of that fear of what might be expected. of what is already decided....let that go, then we show up.

this is what i love most about you.

patty said...

I love seeing each little petal unfold as you open yourself up through sharing in this way. Funny - I started writing a post for later this week with the same title. Great minds think alike :) I promise, I'm not copying and mine will be different!
XOX said...

Expose your beautiful self! :]