Wednesday, March 02, 2011


She remembers when she started to ask herself the difficult questions
The ones that she never paid attention to before
She remembers how it opened her up in ways she never expected
And how at times it was uncomfortable
She remembers there were times when the questions would fly at her
Fast and furiously
Not leaving her much time to think
But she made it through
Better for it

Here she stands today
With more question rising to the surface
Yet this time they are more difficult to answer
They are a matter of faith
Words questing all she came to believe in
And  making her wonder about all she knows
Her heart and soul are being tested
And so is her belief in the power of dreams
She stands speachless
Trying to make her way through the questions


Ella said...

Pondering the big stuff...I can relate. Every time I think I am on the right path, something throws me off course. I hope you will continue
to seek answers and ask questions. Life is like that~xXx
Love the way your wrote~

marilyn said...

here you stand today, in a circle of light and love. and strength. and sisterhood. being held.

Kolleen said...

holding your hand.
right beside you.

loving you.

kelly said...

kolleen has your hand, marilyn the fire ring is keeping it bright and happy and i am above sprinkling it all with some glittery love.

oh man, did i just type glittery love.
what are you people doing to me. wink.

love you said...

Follow your own path, your heart will be your guide! :]