Friday, March 18, 2011

soaking it in

Wherever you are
In this vey moment
Know that you are where you are suppose to be
Believe in this
Even though it may feel uncomfortable
You may be going through a heart wrenching struggle
You may be giggling with a friend and smiling from ear to ear
You may be holding hands with the one you adore
Or you may be shedding tears for losing a loved one
Whever you find yourself in this moment
Embrace it
Let it wash over you and sink in
Each moment we are building our character
Defining ourselves
Creating memories that will live in our hearts
And the hearts of others
Let the moments take us where they will
Do not fight them off
Sink deeply into them
These are the moments of our one precious life

7 comments: said...

So beautiful!
This touched my heart :]
I agree... take in the moment, there is growth in all that occurs in our life.

chrissy said...

sweetest friend and sister that i adore...
i will not fight off where i am at today.
i will let the moments of today take me where they will.
i will sink deeply into them.
and i will continue to thank you for all your beautiful wisdom that you scatter to the world.

patty said...

Yes, yes, yes.... I know you have said this before and yes, I have said this before... more than once and more than twice. Yet it seems we need continual reminders to stay with the present moment and cherish the heck out of it. THANK YOU for the beautiful reminder today. Right this very moment. Love you, sweets!

Jayne said...

I love the sentiment of your words. Too true, each moment should be embraced. :)

Lisa Gonzalez - Happy Mama said...

Thank you for this message, sweet Jennifer. I treasure you!

Kolleen said...

you are so wise my sweet love bean.

thank YOU for your words....


kelly barton said...

i am sitting here. wondering what to say.
i've got nothing. you leave me speechless.
but what i will say is. i love you girlie
and coming here....i always get just what
my soul yearns for.