Thursday, March 10, 2011

. . .

It was a thought, a feeling, a moment
That crept in when I was not even looking
I did not even know that it existed inside
Until it whispered quietly to me

At first I was afraid to listen
Pushing it away as quickly as it had arrived
But it was persistent
It reminded me that in life I take risks
I go for it, no matter what it is
Because I will never know unless I try
It reminded me of my quiet strength
And let me know that no matter
I will be okay

I may stumble
But I will always stand back up
Moving forward
Because I listened


kelly barton said...

good morning chickadee.

Effy said...


Dyche Designs said...

We should all remember to listen to those whispers.

valerie said...

you are so strong and amazing! don't you forget it (thought i am always happen to remind you!)
big love!

Kolleen said...

*** love***


marilyn said...

holding a microphone for your inspired whispers. because you listened, we can hear you and see you. and hold you. said...

Beautifully written! :]

melissa said...