Friday, March 25, 2011

step out

Only half of you shining
Why do you hide?
The pieces you show shine brilliantly
What are you afraid of?
See yourself through my eyes
Feel the way I feel for you
Release the past
Those stories do not define the future
We are all afraid of the unknown
It will be okay
Step out into the world
Show us who you are


Lisa Gonzalez - Happy Mama said...

Yes yes yes. Stepping out = dreaming out loud.

Good stuff, Jennifer. As always.

Happy weekend!!

kelly barton said...

i love how we can all visit one another on this crazy blog thing and get just what we need. does that make us needy???? or just that we relish in each others path
and kindess.

yep....always good stuff here.

melissa said...

oh thank you for this...xoxo said...

Yes...see my wings? I am ready to fly :]

Kolleen said...

i sooooo agree with our sister Kelly.

i always, always, always get somethin good visiting you lovebean!!


Kolleen said...

my word was "satific"....i kinda dig that!


Ella said...

Stepping into our soul/takes sharing!
Thanks for sharing, brave soul/sole!

mindy lacefield said...

kelly is right....we get good good medicine here. love you! and i love this poem.

K8 said...

all I wanna say is, "ok." :) thanks, K