Monday, February 07, 2011

thank you

I shy away from photographing people
I get nervous to ask someone to pose
Feeling so much pressure to get it right
So I snap away at nature 
And myself

I can easily photograph myself
But I avoid videos
There is something so vulnerable
About seeing myself on the screen
And hearing my voice

But I am trying to push myself
Dig a little deeper
Go a little further into that realm of uncomfortable
So I hit record with me in front of the camera
The result is this video

I thank all of you
For being there
And supporting me on my journey
I know I can reach higher and do more
Because you are by my side


Lisa - Happy Mama said...

Tears tears tears. You spoke right to me.

You are so beautiful, Jennifer. Inside, where all of that joy and kindness lives, and outside where the loveliness of your spirit is so apparent.

Thank you for this. Love you!

Karen D said...

beautiful Jen, and Thanks for being you, so true to yourself, so brave ...

Anonymous said...

thank you, Jen. for sharing your light and reminding me to be brave. xoxox, d.

Ella said...

Wow Jen, it was so powerful to hear you say the words! Amazing...
Thank you for being brave and sharing your soul filled words and voice with us~ Beautiful!xXx

Kolleen said...

i love you!!!!

this made me so happy to see your face and hear your voice!!!!!

i am so proud of you....watching you stretch and reach and grow!!!


ps...thank YOU for being YOU!

valerie said...

thank you so much for sharing with us. i love hearing your voice, hearing your voice reading your own words. simply beautiful.

Janice said...


elizabeth said...

Thank YOU for being you.