Friday, February 11, 2011

the past lives on

Sometimes it is not easy
The memories live on within me
The moments are still there
Deep in my mind
The laughter, the smiles
They feel as if they happened yesterday
It is amazing how quickly time passes
How time can drift us apart
Yet how deeply we still remember


Ella said...

Our heart remembers the fingerprints on our soul~ We need to cherish the good n' the bad, it allows the real YOU to appear! xXx

kelly barton said...

right now my memories are deep in
a squam photography class, observing
a quiet girl wearing flip flops on that cold rainy day. wishing my toes were as pretty as hers.

Lisa - Happy Mama said...

I understand this feeling.

Sending love and comfort from here to there, sweet Jen.

patty said...

MMMm... so true, the drifting apart... sometimes for good and other times it's temporary and we can drift back together again.