Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Embrace the beauty that surrounds you
By choosing to do this your heart will fill up with gratitude
Laugh during the moments you feel you cannot take another step
Simplify the chaos that keeps you from your passions
By doing so you will begin to bloom in unexpecting ways
Never stop wishing on stars
And realize that you hold the power to change what you are unhappy with


yogiknitgirl said...

I took off early this afternoon and was able to enjoy my computer for a little while! Your blog entry touched my heart and I am glad to be the first to comment today. When you spoke of simplifying the chaos that keeps you from your passions, I found myself deeply touched. Thank you for reminding me of that. So many times lately in my own life, everything else comes before my passions, especially my art. I will begin to think about that statement mindfully for some time. You are a wonderfully gifted and talented writer and I am so blessed to call you friend!

Janna said...

such beauty
such truth
so simple
why so hard
thank you for your words
that hit straight to my heart

Lori said...

What you wrote is so beautiful and wise and true. I love the picture too. Oh, I cannot wait for spring :) said...

Beautifully written!
Thank you for sharing this :]

melissa said...

so beautifully said. thank you!

rachel awes said...

sing it, sister!
loving all your words & greens.

Ella said...

Beautiful Jennifer, I love how your words embrace the gratitude of one's heart~ Bloom you are~xXx

K8 said...

Oh – I like this! “Simplify the chaos that keeps you from your passions.” I have been doing a lot of this lately. I have a lot of unfinished projects, unpacked boxes and unnecessary “baggage” lying around the house. It takes a while to get in the right head space to tackle it...but now that I’m there, it sure feels good!