Thursday, February 24, 2011

sit with me

Come sit with me and share your story
I want to hear about what moves you
What makes you laugh
And what evokes that emotion in you that bring tears
Tell me your dreams
I will hold them safely in my heart
Share with me even the largest ones that you think may never happen
Together we can speculate on what it will be like when it comes true
If you are feeling brave
Share with me what scares you
I will hold your hand
And listen with compassion
We are all afraid of something
I will be there for you when you need me
Sit besides me and share with me your funniest tale
The one that makes your stomache muscles ache from laughing
Together we can relive that moment
Giggling long into the night
Life is better when you can sit and share the moments with each other
Come sit with me together we will remember


stefanie renee said...

so so so very beautiful ..your writing is amazing! i see a book of poetry in your future. i hope :)


yogiknitgirl said...

so heartfelt . . . thank you! Your words are magic to those who listen. I agree with Stefanie ... definitely a book of poetry would be wonderful!

Dyche Designs said...

So beautiful, it brings to mind so many wonderful friends.

*michelle said...


Kolleen said...

sweet love bean,

this is so beautiful.
i love your words.
i love the way you piece them together
to create magic.

thank you.
i count you in my blessings every day.


ps. i can. not. wait to sit with you.
i really can't!

Anonymous said...

watching you grow, your writing expand
is an amazing view. it warms me up and puts a smile on my face.

you get it and share it with each of us.
what a gift