Sunday, February 13, 2011


I spread my wings and fly
Seeking the adventure
Listening to the sounds of nature
Traveling the long way home
I take six trains instead of three
And giggle while it happens
I jump in the puddles
And climb up mountains covered in snow

I listen to people stories
Soaking in where they have been
And what they have done
I observe the world
Taking the time to simply sit, watch, and listen
I seek out moments to learn something new
Trying something I have never done
And discover how it moves me

I try hard
Play as often as I can
Laugh, mostly at myself
And embrace the beautiful world around me
At least once a day I thank the world for how lucky I am

I was not always this way
I did not always see the light
And I am not exactly sure how I got here
But I have arrived
With my head held high and gratitude in my heart
And I will continue to push myself forward to my next destination


rachel awes said...

"and discover how it moves me"...
my favorite line, out of your
everyline i love.
oh my heavens, your poem
is so winged-gorgeousness.
i love you already.
happy valentines day. xox

Dyche Designs said...

So beautifully written, Happy Valentines Day.

kelly barton said...

maybe not always this way. but you have arrived. you have . you have . you have.
and to get to sit here and watch is a gift.

Lisa - Happy Mama said...

It's a honor to watch you discover your truth around every corner, at every mountain top.

Gloria said...

Dear Jennifer,
I think about you often and send you love
on this special Day let me say
that your words warm my heart
they sit with me and fil me
Thank you lovely girl
for filling us with much needed
soul nureshment

LauraX said...

I just found your blog through Rachel's and so pleased I did!!! May your day be filled with more giggles and tons of love!

Ella said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you!
I love this write, especially the ending, keep holding your head high and keep your heart full of gratitude~xXx

Deb said...

Your writing is so inspirational to me. Thank you!

beth said...

and i bet even arriving where you have, you still have an amazing journey ahead of you....