Saturday, February 26, 2011

it was here

It was here where her ideas were born
Dreams were realized
And brought to fruition

It here that she felt strong

As she walked along the path
She felt guidance from her stars
Each one whispering words of encouragement

She was never fearful
She knew she was being held
Gently being nudged forward

It was in this moment
Where she felt anything was possibly
And the world opened up to her


Lisa Gonzalez - Happy Mama said...

I love coming to this space and soaking in your words of beauty :)

Hope you're having an excellent weekend, sister!

yogiknitgirl said...

I am here to whisper words of encouragement . . .
you are special, sincere, incredible, wonderful, honest, raw and so beautiful inside and out. Your written words are so beautiful and lift me up when I so need them to do so. Thank you my precious friend. I agree with Lisa. . . I need to soak up all of your words of beauty! Do you realize how incredible you truly are???

elizabeth said...

Anything is possible. And you are so loved.

Kolleen said...

i adore you more and more all the time.

your words effortlessly flow across each post and
i am always better for stopping by to drink them in.


ps....loved our "talk" today!

rachel awes said...

oh how we need these moments,
& need eyes to see them
& ears to hear them.
i witness you friend,
the realness of your moment,
the realness of your beauty,
the real of you.

patty said...

Oh, dear girl, you are able to say so much with just a few words. To convey the essence of another time that has passed in such a real way. I really love that about you and, well, everything about you!! said...

Glad I stopped by... beautifully written!