Thursday, February 10, 2011


There is always a lesson
Something to be learned
There is always someone else out there
Pushing you to recognize something
You may not have noticed
Something you need to see
Sometimes it takes a couple of trys
A couple of people
Sometimes it is more like a battle
But in the end
It happens
The light bulb goes off
It clicks in your brain
You wonder why you never knew this before
It all makes sense
It all seems so easy
You realize the struggle was worth it
The pain has subsided
And beauty is before you


kelly said...

good morning chickadee.

Lisa - Happy Mama said...

There is so much beauty in you, Jen.

Happy Almost-weekend!

Jane said...

Jen, I so needed to read this today. You have no idea. I just started a new job and the boss is so difficult to deal with. Still I know I was lead to this job to learn and grow on a spiritual level. I'm sticking with it because I know that by just having taken the step on this part of my path it will lead me somewhere better.

beth said...

last line could be.....the beauty is you :)


ps....have you decided on any retreats ?

cypress sun said...

beautiful ~

MediaMoose said...

well said... you speak eloquently through your photo's as well as your video (which I really liked,by the way, u shld do more video)

Peace and Love and Blessings to you always...

Karen D said...