Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Artful Blogging

I am a dreamer
A really big dreamer
Usually my dreams are just that, dreams
But sometimes things happen in my life
That I never could have dreamed up
Magical things
That blow my mind
And fill my heart with love
Today one of those things happened

A dear friend of mine, Mindy Lacefield wrote a story about me
And it was published in Artful Blogging
With two of my poems
I am stunned
And keep pinching myself to believe it actually happened
When I saw the magazine in the bookstore I almost fell over

I met Mindy two years ago on the Oregon Coast
At the time I never realized so much magic would unfold between us
But it has
And is incredible
I have a feeling this is just the beginning of more magic to come
It gives me goosebumps to see my writing next to her artwork

It is amazing what can blossom out of love and support
Friendship opens up the door of possibility
We are able to spread are wings and soar
Knowing that we have someone to lift us up if we fall

Mindy has held my hand and gently nudged me along the way
Opening my eyes to things I never knew possible
She is an extremely talented artist
And has this incredible warm heart
I am so blessed to have her as a friend

Thank you Mindy
For your love
And sunshine that you carry with you


kelly barton said...

love seeing my girls shine.
...we all shine on....

happy happy happy over here.

patty said...

Just sitting here smiling and staring at the 2 of you. Look at the love. I am so lucky to know you both and to watch this unfold. A-MA-ZING!!!


Lisa - Happy Mama said...

Totally crying at these words.

I'm happy for you, Jennifer, that you have such a kindred friend in Mindy. And happy that you are experiencing such lovely waking dreams :)

K8 said...

oh yes! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! Aren't you glad you never stopped dreaming? and don't forget to always keep on dreaming!

bella said...

:) such a beautiful story. I'm so happy for YOU!!

rachel awes said...

i can't wait to meet you both!!!
& loooove that you are each in this magazine/together!
(ohhh, just when can i get to the bookstore?!!...) :)
loooooooooove to you! xox

melissa said...

Oh I LOVE this so much! I have to run out today and get a copy. So.very.happy! xoxo

beth said...

oh jennifer....
this is so fantastic !!!.....wow !!!...congrats to you !!

Ella said...

I can't wait to see n' read this wonderful piece! The magic of minds meeting and becoming friends can instill profound effects. It is when we encourage sharing, gently becoming ourselves,then the gifts of friendship arrive!
I am so happy for YOU,both~ xXx

Juliette Crane said...

loved reading your poetry! always beautiful and amazing! thank you so much for being such an inspiration!


valerie said...

oh such amazing goodness from two such beautiful souls. i count myself so lucky to have both you and mindy in my life!
love, love, love,

jin said...

This is such a beautiful story! So happy for you! xx

mindy lacefield said...

oh sweet doll! just know that i love you in this amazing moment. a moment that will last a lifetime because you are there with me. i look forward to collaborating. (that is another dream....maybe to teach with you!) yes! i'm putting it out to the universe!

i never tire of reading your words and they fill up my heart. when i read your words, i imagine you jotting them down for the first time and know that they came from such a genuine place. oh yes.

i love you so much!

chrissy said...

just reading the love in mindy.s voice above mine gives me CHILLS. it has been one of my biggest pleasures to watch two of my scarf sisters whom i love...to SOAR to new heights. the fact that the both of you are in this together makes it especially WONDERFUL.
i am running out to get my copy TODAY!
i also feel incredibly grateful that i will get to hug you both in person for this little adventure you are on...soon.

Daydream Retreat said...

I'm so happy for you, what an awesome connection :)

Carissa said...

Jennifer, you are such a dear and genuine and talented shining soul. I feel so blessed to have crossed paths, and can't wait to be able to hug and connect w/ your energy up close (and Mindy too!) How exciting... I'm swimming in Awe.

I can't wait to get a hold of this issue!!!

Huuuugs & Looooove,

Karen D said...

So beautiful, your words and Mindy's artwork together..