Thursday, February 03, 2011

now is the time

It is not about fitting into a certain mold
Mingling with a select group of people
Not feeling comfortable in your own skin
It is not about who you can be at any given moment
Fitting into any situation
It is not about that at all

It is about being your truest self
Doing what it is you love
Fully submerging yourself into the things that make you happy
It is about looking at life through your eyes
Soaking in the feelings that come with the moments
Really knowing yourself
And being happy with who that person is

It is about dancing when you feel like it
Even if no one else is busting a move
It is about pushing forward
Even though others may not agree with your choices
It is about standing firm in who you are
Even when you are challenged

This is your opportunity
To play

This is your moment
To create
Exactly what you desire
Do not hold back

Listen to what your heart is telling you
And go for it
Do not worry about others
Listen only to that tiny voice that whispers
When all else is quiet
What is that voice telling you?


mindy lacefield said... never cease to amaze me...! seriously. i want to scream this to the top of my lungs....however i am at a loss of the words. i can't grasp it. but here you are stating it boldly and it makes my heart full. you continuously fill it up. you speak from the depths....and it is very powerful! the more i get to know you the more i connect with these words. you and your words are a gift!

yogiknitgirl said...

Oh how lucky I was to turn on my computer tonight after yoga class and read your beautiful post my friend. Your words hit home with me, my voice is telling me that I am wanting to step out, not worry about others opinions and live my life for me, regardless of others around me and that isn't always easy! Thank you for reminding me of that tonight, of all nights, my sweet and precious friend. Your written word inspires me, always! It encourages me to reach a higher level!
Love to you!
ps....I just picked up my copy of Artful Blogging today at Borders . . . and there were you and Mindy. This has been an awesome day!

Kristin Dudish said...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this.
thank you.

Karen D said...

so true.. much needed words tonight.

Karen said...

Beautifully written...
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
I am at that place in my life, listening to that little voice, and loving it so.

Kolleen said... did it ONCE again!

your words are like little droplets of magic dancing across the page. they speak to me...i agree with our sweet Mindy. i dont have the words to do justice what YOUR words bring to me.

i cannot tell you just how much i needed....REALLY read this tonight. impeccable timing my dear dear friend.

i was just telling someone today that you are one of the best people i are gentle and have such a wisdom and calmness about you. i LOVE WHO YOU ARE!!!


kelly barton said...

i was so bummed last nite when ihad to sign off. it was time for week left. one week left.
hard to believe three weeks ago i was crying on the way to work. i wasn't sad. i was just so dang tired. the tears flowed without my permission. okay...back to this.
anyway, bedtime, teens smooching. not being able to chat with you.booooooooo.

you are shining brite. i love that.
ilove that the shy girl in sandwich, still holds that kind spot for others, but in a way that
she is allowing kindness for her own spot. i kinda dig that. our friendship is a daily fix for me.
kinda dig that too.

happy friday girlie. go have fun this weekend. i want to hear all about it.

melissa said...

ah thank you my dear. we need these reminders every once in awhile. i love reading your blog. xo

K8 said...

thank you

rachel awes said...

i love this photo of you!
well, dear, my voice is
certainly telling me
that YOU are wonder-filled!
i also am taking in
a new vision of
how it's not about
feeling comfortable in our own skin...which i've always held as a goal/but THIS makes sense to me...because in being
real & full, it is sometimes
highly uncomfortable
& i shake!
loooove your deep waters, friend.

Jane said...

I loved these words you shared with us. I may have to print them out and place it where I can see the reminder all day long!

Happy Saturday!