Saturday, January 01, 2011

yet to speak it

I sit here pondering what my word for 2011 will be
I can feel it
I can taste it
I can see it
I know what the word is
My problem is
I am afraid to say
The word seems to bold to speak out loud
To daring to choose for an entire year
So I am going to sit with it for another day
Let it settle deeply into me
Maybe tomorrow I will open up
And share what the word is

~ Have you chosen your word yet?  If so I would like to hear it if you are willing to share.


rachel awes said...

dear jennifer,
new friend,
my word for 2010
was glory,
for boldness goodness sake!
i'm still playing
w/my 2011 one, & my
hesitation with sharing,
is that it's on a list
of possible future book names
& therefore am wondering if i
ought to keep it close, or just
fly my freak flag & trust &
put it out there!
i bond w/you in our words,
known & unknown.

Lisa G said...

Happy New Year, Jennifer!

I hadn't chosen it until I saw your post but when I came to write my comment, I knew right away my word is: JOY. I'm ready for a joyful year.

Can't wait to hear yours. I know when you speak it out loud the universe is going to hear it and place it in your path.


beth said...

now you have me on the edge of my seat :)

you can see lots of "words" over on my post comments today....

and i'll wait as patiently as i can to hear yours....

Ellen aka Ella said...

I love the idea of a reflective word, instead a list of resolutions.
I'm thinking authentic, but may dig deeper. I like your word ties in with your last name. Mmh, I'm a W, maybe Wonder Work~

Happy New Year; I predict you will be published this year~

Kolleen said...

i love you.