Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i stand here

     tampa florida, standing in the sunshine

I stand here
Deeply rooted in love
Blessed with all that I am surrounded by
I am in awe of how it happens

I stand here wondering
How I can be so lucky?
I cannot figure it out
But I embrace it
Stopping to soak it all in

I stand here
In this beautiful world
Encircled with love
It is amazing

I stand here
With my heart overflowing
A smile on my face from ear to ear
Excitement pouring out of my eyes
As I thank the universe for all that I have been blessed with

I am so grateful to be standing here


Ellen aka Ella said...

Soak it all in; sounds amazing!
I love the line, "Excitement pouring out of my eyes"...beautiful!xXx

Anonymous said...

you have only received all the good that you put out into this universe .....back to you. you are lucky but others are lucky to have you in their life. me being one of those folks. i consider myself blessed to know you...to call you a friend....and to read your words. thank God for you my dear jen. love you!

mindy lacefield said...

sorry i didn't mean to leave an "anonymous" comment...its me, mindy. :-)

patty said...

Love reading this happy post but I think I missed the part about why you are in Florida??


Lisa G said...

I love, love, love the beauty of this gratitude.

So glad you have such goodness in your life.


kelly barton art + design said...

i am grateful that i get to stand next to you seeing all of this blooming. and mindy hit it! you throw so much good into the universe it is coming back at you like a boomerang.

rachel awes said...

& your toe nails look grateful too!
ooooooooh yes! to soak in your blessings! & in the florida sunshine! ahhhhhh!

beth said...

i like where and how you stand !

melissa said...

Beautiful! You are lucky because you are so giving and loving...its all coming back to you!

Kolleen said...

just like a boomerang baby!!!

all the goodness that surrounds you doesn't surprise me one tiny bit.

you radiate goodness and truth and authenticity.

how blessed am i to call you my dear, dear friend???!!

i am GRATEFUL for YOU.

love love love

stefanie renee said...

we're so happy YOU are here too!!